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Michigan Oil & Gas Map Data Updated To Permit #61057 as of 12/14/2014

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EIA's Michigan Production Numbers

Michigan Petroleum Production 101

Understanding Michigan Petroleum Production can be tricky at first. This article is a primer about the basics of petroleum production and discusses history, units of measure, and pricing. We are about to start publishing Michigan production info on a regular basis and this article will help you get the most out of how and why we report the way we do.

keystone xl

The Keystone XL Pipeline

If you listen to the TV news, you might think the Keystone XL is all about America. But, America has little to do with Keystone XL other than we are geographically located between Canada and a deepwater port to Asian markets. Learn more about America’s 3rd wheel position with regard to the Keystone XL Pipeline.

marathon beaver creek

Michigan Petroleum Geology 101

Marathon Oil, a Houston Texas company, has recently purchased Encana’s (Calgary, Canada) leased acreage and producing wells in the Michigan Basin. Encana was given millions of gallons of Michigan freshwater to test the Collingwood shale and was permitted to use millions of gallons more. Their results, however, have not been economically viable for a for-profit company. Why would Marathon want to try the Collingwood after Encana’s failures here? Learn more about Michigan petroleum geology by reading this basic Michigan Petroleum Geology 101 primer.

duke rmp mascot

Meet Duke, RMP’s Official Mascot

Meet Duke. Duke is the official mascot of the respectmyplanet organization. Duke goes everywhere in Michigan and has been more places than Johnny Cash.

au sable river

Michigan Oil & Gas Exploration – A Look From 2014

Welcome to our first article published in a long time using the famous Wordpress application. We’re excited to add this powerful 3rd party publishing software to our website. We look forward to writing about high volume hydraulic fracturing and oil & gas exploration in the Michigan Basin. We are always trying to learn more about what’s going on and we hope you’ll join us.

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