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Click on the button below to show all Michigan oil & gas wells that have caused ground water contamination according to the Michigan DNR's 1993 SAP list. Note that some ground water contamination locations have been fully remediated and some are in active remediation. Currently there are 206 confirmed cases where ground water was contaminated as a result of an oil or gas well. We know of more wells and expect this number to rise as our research continues but we only list wells where we can get confirmation from MDEQ documentation.

Click on the button below to show all Michigan oil & gas wells that have had spills causing soil or water contamination according to the Michigan DNR's 1993 SAP list. Note that some spills have been fully remediated and some are in active remediation. Be patient as this map can take up to 10 seconds to load because there are over 1,700 markers.

Click on the button below to show our demo map of spill locations. Through boots on the ground research, we are collecting data and documentation on spill locations and putting the resultant reports on the location homepages. Click any of the markers on the demo map and check out the report on the location's homepage. We detail information about the ground water contamination at each of the locations and support the report with documents from various MDEQ field offices throughout the state.

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Secret Science – Marathon Oil’s 2015 Activity In The Michigan Basin

Marathon Oil’s Science well is a part 625 well. A part 625 well has all its information held secret for 10 years. Marathon cleared some State of Michigan owned forest area and started a mineral test well. In the coming month’s, Marathon might be back to this same general location to drill the State Beaver Creek 1-14 HD1. Stay tuned to RMP for developments on Marathon activity in the Michigan Basin.


Michigan Oil & Gas Monthly – August 2015

In the August 2015 MOGM, we take a look at the possibility of operating Antrim gas wells on a vacuum. We also talk about natural gas and synthetic natural gas. Natural gas is a part of our environment and always will be as long as there are living things.

respectmyplanet about page

New About Page Using HTML5

Check out RMP’s new About page using HTML5 & CSS3. RMP is committed to the latest web technology and professional software standards. Our database has been evolving behind the scenes and our new About page demonstrates the latest in web technology called parallax that will give our webpages depth. Stay tuned as we continue to map the world to raise awareness about water conservation, fuel cells, environmentally friendly energy production, and waste management.


Cheniere – The First U.S. Company To Export Natural Gas (LNG)

When FERC approved Cheniere to be the first licensed exporter of LNG in the USA, everyone took notice, including RMP. Now, 4 years later, Cheniere is about to start shipping LNG to customers in the UK, Spain, Korea, and India. Contracts have also been inked with companies in France for trains that come online in future years. Read this post to learn more and stay tuned for our upcoming interactive world map of LNG facilities.

Westerman 1-29HD1

Michigan Oil & Gas Monthly – July 2015

The big story in July of 2015 is the expiration of 8 HVHF permits to drill into the Ordivician Collingwood. These permits expiring is just the latest piece of evidence in a long line of recent indications that HVHF in Michigan using millions of gallons of water per frac is over. RMP has been covering high volume hydraulic fracturing in Michigan since it began and we have gathered a ton of data about it. We have financial data, drilling information, fracing data, photos, videos and more. Read this month’s MOGM to find out why we are forecasting HVHF in Michigan’s Collingwood formation is over.

Old Oil Field Equipement

Michigan Oil & Gas Monthly – June 2015

In the June 2015 Michigan Oil & Gas Monthly, we continue to see what we have been seeing every month for the past five years: not much. We are on pace to have the slowest permitting year in Michigan’s 88 year oil & gas history. We have been hearing from media outlets about how High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing (HVHF) is going to increase Michigan hydrocarbon production and create jobs for Michigan workers. The facts tells us the complete opposite. Read the June 2015 MOGM to learn more.

A Praxair truck hauling liquified CO2 rolls down the interstate on May 28, 2015.

Michigan Oil & Gas Monthly – May 2015

In the May 2015 edition of the Michigan Oil & Gas Monthly we take a look at using CO2 as a fracing fluid. CO2 is interesting in that it can have properties of a solid, liquid, and gas simultaneously. Remember dry ice for making fog before modern fog machines? Remember how CO2 mysteriously turned from solid ice to gas and skipped the liquid phase? Why does CO2 behave so weird like that? The answer is pressure. Learning all about CO2 and CO2 sequestration is very important for the world’s energy future. Check out our May MOGM and stay tuned for a 101 course in carbon dioxide and its interesting properties. CO2 is a long lasting greenhouse gas and we must learn to mitigate its release to our atmosphere in a cost effective way while still producing the industrial gigawatt power we need to to keep America’s economy running.


2014 Top Oil, Gas, & NGL Producing Units in the Michigan Basin

RMP’s mission is basically to do what is right for water. Protecting fresh water is important. Fresh water is key to life and happiness. Without fresh water we have nothing. But, we need energy. All forms of energy production require water. Producing energy for profit can foster motivations that put acquiring personal wealth above that of protecting community water sources. Understanding economic motivations can be complex but RMP is up to the task as economics is our strongest subject. Join RMP as we journey to learn energy economics.

60320_napoleon (5)

Michigan Oil & Gas Monthly – April 2015

Check out the April 2015 issue of the Michigan Oil & Gas Monthly magazine. Year to date Michigan has received 31 applications for new wells, issued 36 permits for new wells or reentry into old ones, and has published plugging information for 103 wells. The Lucas 1-13HD1 well was issued plugging instructions. The Sherwood 1-22HD1 well, which was plugged in July of 2014, had it’s plugging information officially reported in April of 2015.

Michigan Oil & Gas Monthly March 2015

Michigan Oil & Gas Monthly – March 2015

Check out the March 2015 issue of the Michigan Oil & Gas Monthly magazine. Year to date Michigan has received 21 applications for new wells, issued 28 permits for new wells or reentry into old ones, and has published plugging information for 98 wells. The permits expired for GeoSouthern’s McKenney 1-27P & 1-27 HD1 well in Sanilac county which most likely marks GeoSouthern’s last exit from the Michigan oil & gas exploration.

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