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Click on the button below to show all Michigan oil & gas wells that have caused ground water contamination according to the Michigan DNR's 1993 SAP list. Note that some ground water contamination locations have been fully remediated and some are in active remediation. Currently there are 206 confirmed cases where ground water was contaminated as a result of an oil or gas well. We know of more wells and expect this number to rise as our research continues but we only list wells where we can get confirmation from MDEQ documentation.

Click on the button below to show all Michigan oil & gas wells that have had spills causing soil or water contamination according to the Michigan DNR's 1993 SAP list. Note that some spills have been fully remediated and some are in active remediation. Be patient as this map can take up to 10 seconds to load because there are over 1,700 markers.

Click on the button below to show our demo map of spill locations. Through boots on the ground research, we are collecting data and documentation on spill locations and putting the resultant reports on the location homepages. Click any of the markers on the demo map and check out the report on the location's homepage. We detail information about the ground water contamination at each of the locations and support the report with documents from various MDEQ field offices throughout the state.

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The license plate on a hearse in the hearse parade reads "Six Feet Under" during the "Frozen Dead Guy Days" festival in Nederland, Colorado March 10, 2007. "Frozen Dead Guy Days" commemorates Norwegian Bredo Morstoel who died in 1989 and is currently cryogenically frozen in a shed in the mountain town. REUTERS/Rick Wilking (UNITED STATES) - RTR1NCI0

Michigan Oil & Gas Monthly – January 2016

Why is a picture of a Colorado license plate the featured image for the first Michigan Oil & Gas Monthly of 2016? What does Colorado have to do with Michigan oil & gas? Read the January 2016 edition of MOGM to find out. This is our 13th issue marking the beginning of our sophomore year. Follow our monthly MOGM and tell your friends to check it out too.

wolverine pipeline

Wolverine Pipeline Maintenance At Holland West Middle School

RMP issues a retraction for mistakenly reporting a recent gasoline spill at W. Middle School in Holland Michigan near Lake Macatawa.

marathon oil hvhf beaver creek

Michigan Oil & Gas Monthly – December 2015

This month in RMP’s Michigan Oil & Gas Monthly (MOGM) we look back on the slowest year ever in Michigan oil & gas activity. 1931 previously held the record for slowest year in Michigan history for oil & gas but no longer. 2015 was the slowest year ever for Michigan oil & gas activity. With drilling activity slow, RMP forecasts spending more time on other aspects of Michigan oil & gas in 2016. RMP will be focusing on underground storage tanks (USTs), secondary recovery operations including CO2 injection and water flooding, and Michigan’s orphan wells. Check out our December MOGM, share it on facebook, and tell your friends to check out our publications.


The Back Forty – A Michigan Gold Mine

In this post RMP lays out a teaser map of the Aquila Gold & Zinc Mine that might see construction begin as soon as 2016. An ore deposit called a volcanogenic massive sulfide (VMS) deposit was discovered on the Menominee River which separates Michigan from Wisconsin as the state line from Iron Mountain to Lake Michigan via Green Bay. Total revenues for the expected 16 year project could top out over $2.0 billion USD if things go well for Aquila. Read this post to learn more.

Mackinac Island 2013 131

Enbridge Line 5 Crude Oil Leak – North Straits Pump Station Near Lake Michigan Shoreline

Read about the oil spill at Enbridge Line 5’s North Straits Pump Station. Over 361 tons of contaminated soil were removed from the North Straits Pump Station which sits 100 yards from the northern shoreline of Lake Michigan on the Straits of Mackinac.

word_of_faith 0122crop2

Michigan Oil & Gas Monthly – November 2015

This month we write the first ever spiritual edition of the Michigan Oil & Gas Monthly (MOGM) with the application of the Word of Faith 16-27 oil well in Southfield, Michigan. We continue down the path of the slowest oil and gas year in Michigan’s long history. We see more evidence of HVHF being over in our basin. Click through to read about all the activity in November related to oil & gas throughout the state of Michigan.

michigan oil & gas

Michigan Oil & Gas Monthly – October 2015

In the October 2015 edition of MOGM we see application and permitting activity continue to be slow keeping us on pace to be another of the slowest years of permitting activity in Michigan history. Two more original Collingwood HVHF wells were plugged this month dropping a couple more nails in the coffin of the Collingwood era in the Michigan Basin. Click through to read the October 2015 MOGM.

60621_state_beaver_creek_1-23HD1_may21_2013 (2)

Michigan Oil & Gas Production Report January – June 2015

The first six months of hydrocarbon production in the Michigan Basin are ready for reporting. In this post we examine the top ten producers in the oil, natural gas, and NGL categories. We find in 2015 that wells originally drilled in completed in the 1970’s and 1980’s are outperforming so new wells after having been worked over and recompleted.


Coal Use Forecasted To Rise – How We Can Mitigate Coal Pollution

Coal use is growing across the world. Coal will eventually surpass oil as the #1 primary energy source for world energy consumption. Over 1.3 billion people around the world do not have electricity and they will be planning on building coal fired power plants as a cornerstone to their energy plan. We can either understand this reality and help the world’s poor make the best lemonade with the lemons we have, or we can stand by and pretend protesting coal will make the world a better place.

Kalamazoo Oil Spill

Kalamazoo River Oil Spill

It’s been 5 years since Enbridge Energy’s Line 6B pipeline ruptured and spilled over 800,000 gallons of heavy crude oil into Talmadge Creek. Talmadge Creek is a tributary to the Kalamazoo River which outfalls to Lake Michigan. The Line 6B spill was the biggest and costliest inland spill in US history and it happened in our backyard. In this post we reflect on its impact, what might have happened if Enbridge went bankrupt, and how FCEVs have rendered oil technologically obsolete.

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