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Click on the button below to show all Michigan oil & gas wells that have caused ground water contamination according to the Michigan DNR's 1993 SAP list. Note that some ground water contamination locations have been fully remediated and some are in active remediation. Currently there are 206 confirmed cases where ground water was contaminated as a result of an oil or gas well. We know of more wells and expect this number to rise as our research continues but we only list wells where we can get confirmation from MDEQ documentation.

Click on the button below to show all Michigan oil & gas wells that have had spills causing soil or water contamination according to the Michigan DNR's 1993 SAP list. Note that some spills have been fully remediated and some are in active remediation. Be patient as this map can take up to 10 seconds to load because there are over 1,700 markers.

Click on the button below to show our demo map of spill locations. Through boots on the ground research, we are collecting data and documentation on spill locations and putting the resultant reports on the location homepages. Click any of the markers on the demo map and check out the report on the location's homepage. We detail information about the ground water contamination at each of the locations and support the report with documents from various MDEQ field offices throughout the state.

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hydrogen infrastructure report

USA & CANADA Quarterly H2 Infrastructure Update 2019-Q2

Read about hydrogen production & refueling infrastructure updates in the USA & Canada over the past 3 months.

Gelman DIoxane 1,4 Plume Map Ann Arbor Michigan

RMP has just launched our first Generation 2 Google Map featuring the Gelman Dioxane 1,4 Plume in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Check out our new map & see how easy it is to learn all about the Gelman Dioxane 1,4 Plume by watching a short YouTube video.

Cleantechnica Painted Into Corner with Years of Anti-Hydrogen Bias

CleanTechnica has been biased against hydrogen so long, they’re struggling to pivot back to common sense. Zachary Shahan, CleanTechnica’s Chief Editor, has spent his career slandering hydrogen fuel cells for one reason: to support Tesla. There is only one reason CleanTechnica & its fans bash hydrogen: because Elon Musk said fuel cell cars were foolish …


Welcome new readers of RMP’s quarterly H2 infrastructure report.  Each quarter RMP looks back on the major stories related to hydrogen infrastructure advancements in the USA & Canada.  RMP compares the current Alternative Fuels DataCenter database to the AFDC database in the prior quarter to see what has changed.  The AFDC database is updated by …

California Hydrogen Draft Solicitation CONCEPTS 2019

On January 23, 2019, the California Energy Commission released a draft document on solicitation concepts for funding of the next round of hydrogen fueling stations. California will be awarding match funding to build out more HRS to hit the magic number of 100 hydrogen refueling stations at which point construction should be self sufficient. In …

hydrogen fuel cells


We end 2018 with 3 new hydrogen refueling stations opening in California in the last week of the year. We have 22 stations planned to open in California in 2019. Click through to read about hydrogen infrastructure updates in the USA & Canada in 2018-Q4 and our outlook into 2019.

China’s Hydrogen Economy

In this post RMP examines China’s roadmap to a nationwide ramp up of buidling out hydrogen production, refueling infrastructure, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. RMP also launches our new Google map of hydrogen refueling stations throughout China.

General Motors Defense LLC – Full Size Fuel Cell Pickup Truck – The ZH2

GM Defense LLC was recently launched & the new ZH2 full size pickup truck platform was introduced at AUSA in Washington DC. In this post, RMP takes a look at the new full size fuel cell vehicle & it’s impressive stats. Click through to check out some pictures & a couple cool videos of these new off road heavy duty fuel cell vehicles.

USA & Canada Quarterly H2 Infrastructure Update 2018-Q3

Check out RMP’s latest new post covering hydrogen infrastructure developments occurring over the past three months from June 30, 2018 to September 30, 2018. In this quarter’s report we look at two new public hydrogen stations that opened in Hawaii & Vancouver British Columbia. Click here to read all about how hydrogen fuel cell infrastructure has kept growing over the past three months.

Quarterly USA H2 Report Becomes Quarterly USA & Canada H2 Report

RMP is based near Detroit, Michigan.   The Detroit River separates the City of Detroit & the City of Windsor.  The Ambassador Bridge connects the two cities and soon the Gordy Howe International Bridge, a once in a generation undertaking, will be a second major bridge connecting the two cities.  Windsor is my personal connection to …

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