Permit number 59112 is the only permit we know of for this location
API# Well Name Operator Well Type Target Formation
21151591120000 SCHULTZ 1-36 OIL TRENTON
County Well Status Township Range Section Quarter Section QQ Section QQQ Section
151 SI 12 N 15 E 36 NE NW NW
Vert Dpth Horiz Lngth. Total Dpth/Lngth. H2O Consumed Slant Start Hole Lat/Lon Bottom Hole Lat/Lon
6,078 0 6,078 183,100 gal V 43.441349, -82.640701 43.441349, -82.640701
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Total water consumed at this location we are aware of is: 183,100 gallons*
Total waste water (in RMP tables*) for this location is: 63,042 gallons*
Calculated wastewater/freshwater for this location is: 34.43%*

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Initial Production Data for permit# 59112
Permit No.Date of ProdChoke SizeHrs ProducedOil bblsGas McfWater bblsFCP psiRemarks
591122012-02-142012008570Shultz 1-36 - Feb 14 frac with 175000# sand & 4300 bbls fluid
591122012-02-15000000Sand bridge confirmed wait on CT unit availability
591122012-02-16000000CT unavailability and frost laws delay cleanout 5 week
591122012-03-21000000Cleanout with CT unit
591122012-03-2248247131510Begin flowback through separator
591122012-03-314824517360at May 11 - 2012 after 31 days producing the well made 66% of load water with 315bbls of oil
591122012-05-18000000Well shut in due to sand bridge
Total Days Tested = 15
Total Oil Produced from IPR testing = 69 barrels ( or 4.6 bpd over 15 days)
Total Gas Produced from IPR testing = 188 mcf ( or 12.533333333333 mcfd over 15 days)
Total Waste Water = 63042 gallons

Cumulative Water Flowback For This Location: 63,042

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