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A note and disclaimer about all data contained at the base URL http://www.respectmyplanet.org/

At respectmyplanet.org , hereafter RMP, we try to provide relevant, accurate, and reliable data to the public. We ask that you use the data herein WITHOUT WARRANTY. If you find an error, please email respectmyplanet@gmail.com.com with the subject DATA ERRORS and explain what you found and the URL of the page you were on when you saw the error.

OUR DATA NOW (as of January 2022):

Most of our data for the State of Michigan is currently obtained from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality's ftp site. The MDEQ has three basic data sets related to Oil, Gas, and Minerals that are constantly being updated: 1) Well Locations Data 2) Well Production Data 3) GIS Shapefiles Data. We have taken data tables from both the Well Locations and Well Production datasets and merged them into one database. We have found and made relations between the two datasets and use languages like PHP & JavaScript to make that data communicate with your internet browser and the JavaScript based Google Maps API v3. Since our data must be updated manually by downloading it from MDEQ sources, our data will lag behind MDEQ data in many cases.

We have our own data tables that supplement MDEQ data in order to make calculations. We currently collect data such as:

  • water consumed for well completions entered by volunteer users
  • sand used for well completions entered by volunteer users
  • number of frac stages for a well entered by volunteer users
  • Gas, Oil, NGL, Condensate, Flowing Casing Pressure, and Waste Water that comes uphole entered by volunteer users
  • Location specific photographs uploaded by volunteer users
  • Location specific pdf documents uploaded by volunteer users
  • Location specific video links attached by volunteer users
  • Location specific newspaper article links attached by volunteer users
  • Because the majority of our Michigan data currently comes from MDEQ datasets, our data comes with all the implicit disclaimers listed here. Further, the data collected and entered by RMP volunteers has similar implicit disclaimers. Further, the calculations based on this data, also carry implicit risks that the calculations could be faulty. A complex array of things can go wrong when managing calculations on large relational datasets. For example, the calculation methods could be solid on a page yet the table data itself is faulty and therefore the calculation is no good.

    If you find something you think we got wrong we would appreciate your feedback to help us get it right.

    Thank you.