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RMP’s Library of Maps

Michigan High Volume “Fracking” Oil & Gas Wells Map
Map of all High Volume Water Withdrawal horizontal “fracking” wells in Michigan. Zoom in or click markers for more well info. info_icon_green_border_glow2_75x75 icon-video-75x75_green exit_site_green_border_75x75
Enbridge Line 5 Map Polyline map of Enbridge’s Line 5 crude oil pipeline with North Straits Pump Station details. info_icon_green_border_75x75 icon-video-75x75_gray exit_site_green_border_75x75
Michigan Back Forty Gold Mine Map Map of Aquila Resources Back Forty Gold Mine on Menominee River in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula info_icon_green_border_glow2_75x75 icon-video-75x75_gray exit_site_green_border_75x75
Map of Wurtsmith Airforce Base Map of ground monitoring wells at decommissioned Wurtsmith AFB in Oscoda Michigan. info_icon_green_border_glow2_75x75 icon-video-75x75_gray exit_site_green_border_75x75
 Ann Arbor Dioxane Plume Map  Map showing delineation of dioxane plume contamination in Ann Arbor, Michigan info_icon_green_border_glow2_75x75 icon-video-75x75_gray exit_site_green_border_75x75
 Michigan Mobile Oil Wells Map  Mobile map for your phone finds nearest 500 oil wells to your current location in Michigan info_icon_gray_border_75x75 icon-video-75x75_gray exit_site_green_border_75x75
 Michigan Torch Lake PCB Contamination Map  Map showing sediment contamination levels at Torch Lake, one of our top ten polluted spots in Michigan info_icon_gray_border_75x75 icon-video-75x75_gray exit_site_green_border_75x75
 Michigan Enhanced Oil Recovery using Carbon Dioxide Map  Map showing location of all CO2 injection & Associated Secondary Oil Recovery Oil Well Units in [mostly] Michigan Niagaran Pinnacle Reef Formations already spent from conventional oil recovery info_icon_green_border_glow2_75x75 icon-video-75x75_gray exit_site_green_border_75x75
 Michigan Confirmed Locations of Ground Water Contamination Caused by Oil, Gas, & Disposal Wells Map  Map showing locations of all ground water contamination caused by oil, gas, or disposal wells. There are 206 locations in Michigan with confirmed ground water contamination as compiled exclusively by RMP for this map. This map and its dataset cannot be found anywhere else on the internet. RMP compiled this data from paper files by hand to make this map possible. info_icon_gray_border_75x75 icon-video-75x75_gray exit_site_green_border_75x75
 All Hydrogen Fueling Stations in the United States of America Map  Map showing locations of all public & private #H2 fueling stations in the USA. RMP updates this map each month and you can see the ‘last updated’ date next to station data. Soon this map will be interactive so our users can update information too. This map is where RMP is spending its focus now to make this map cooler & more functional in coming months. Our map is based on the AFDC database with our own exclusive RMP supplemental data table so RMP can show you data you cannot find anywhere else.
Stay tuned because this map is going to be awesome!!
info_icon_gray_border_75x75 icon-video-75x75_gray exit_site_green_border_75x75
 All LNG Liquefaction & Regasification Terminals World Map  Map showing locations of all LNG terminals in the world. Map shows liquefaction terminals in blue and regasification terminals in green. RMP offers this map of all terminals for free. Click on any location to learn more information about that LNG terminal. RMP has logos, liquefaction, regasification, and storage stats on every terminal. Zoom in, drop into street view and check out every LNG terminal in the world!! RMP maps are so much fun to make and use. info_icon_gray_border_75x75 icon-video-75x75_gray exit_site_green_border_75x75


RMP is focused on protecting our fresh water resources by promoting sustainable energy production, examining locations undergoing environmental remediation, & rethinking waste management.