New About Page Using HTML5

RMP is committed to using the latest web technology including HTML5, jQuery, AJAX, and CSS3.   Check out our new About page by clicking this link.   Soon all of our webpages will be designed with great looking HTML5 & CSS3.

While you can’t see our completely new database structure behind the scenes of our front page map, the software running this website is getting stronger and stronger each week.  Our new demo About page at the link above and below demonstrates the latest in web technology called parallax.  Parallax gives depth to a web page by setting different layers within the page using the z-index property.  These layers give our new upcoming page designs depth and character.

Our new and forthcoming CSS3 pages will only work with modern browsers and are specifically tested on Google Chrome.   If any of our webpages look goofy on your browser, update to the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer.   All modern browsers support HTML5 & CSS3.  We recommend Google Chome for the best viewing experience of RMP.



We extend a special thank you to Jonathon Nicol from Melbourne Australia.  Jonathon’s project page here is the root of the our new About page and the backbone of our RMP’s first attempt at parallax pages using HTML5 & CSS3.

Stick with us as we take environmental mapping to the next level.

Thank you!

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