Michigan Oil & Gas Production Report January – June 2015

It’s time to review the first six month’s production of subsurface hydrocarbons in the Michigan Basin as most operators have now reported results.   The theme of this report is that things aren’t always as predictable as you think and that it’s important to always be diligent in measuring the data because the data can Continue reading “Michigan Oil & Gas Production Report January – June 2015”

Michigan Oil & Gas Monthly – September 2015

The top story this month continues to be Marathon’s Science Well in Crawford County Michigan.   Two weeks ago Marathon cleared a well pad in an area that we told you about first right here.   Marathon has contracted Cruz Energy to rig up for a test well that will go 4,700 feet into the Amherstburg.  The Amherstburg is part of the Detroit River Group of rocks of Middle Devonian age.  The greatest accumulation  of the Amherstburg formation is between southern Bay and Roscommon counties where its thickness exceeds 600 feet in some places.   About half of its thickness at this thickest point is the Sylvania Sandstone member at the base of the formation.  The outstanding characteristic of the carbonate rock in the Amherstburg formation is its relatively dark color which earns it the nickname from many geologists as Continue reading “Michigan Oil & Gas Monthly – September 2015”

Secret Science – Marathon Oil’s 2015 Activity In The Michigan Basin

Part 625 wells are specially designated Michigan mineral test wells that are top secret stuff.   Even though the land & minerals may be State owned by we the taxpayers, private companies like Marathon Oil based in Houston, TX can apply for a confidential 625 well and keep their activity off the grid.  That means there will be:  no mention of the well in the application or permit list we post each month at RMP, there will be no FOIA’s allowed, and you will not be able to get answers to questions about Continue reading “Secret Science – Marathon Oil’s 2015 Activity In The Michigan Basin”