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Welcome new readers of RMP’s quarterly H2 infrastructure report.  Each quarter we look back on the major stories related to hydrogen infrastructure advancements and we compare the current AFDC database to the AFDC database in the prior quarter to see what has changed.  The AFDC database is updated by the US Dept of Energy & can be found by clicking here.  Canada does not have a centralized database of alternative fuel vehicle information so we collect Canadian data by hand in RMP’s own data tables.  Ok, on with the report…

Sideways.  It’s the best word to describe the last quarter of hydrogen infrastructure development in the USA & Canada.  All the Linde stations in California changed names in the AFDC database.  Linde Emeryville is now Messer Emeryville.  Linde San Ramon is now Iwatani San Ramon.  Linde Mountain View is now Iwatani Mountain View.  And lastly, Linde San Juan Capistrano is now also an Iwatani station.   If anyone reading has links to stories about the change from Linde to Iwatani, please leave them in the comment section.  No stories turned up regarding the switch from Linde to Iwatani when Google searching.


Paradoxical Petroleum Pipeline Protest Problem

Cars that burn gasoline and trucks that burn diesel go together with oil pipelines like a bow goes together with an arrow; without one the other is unnecessary or useless. How can you get rid of the oil if you don’t do anything about the very thing that gives oil its demand?   This is an economics website and the dependency of oil and internal combustion engines is economics 101. I’m compelled to write about this issue again and again to call out my fellow environmentalists as absurd to protest oil pipelines without investing at least an equal amount of their time in supporting hydrogen fuel cell vehicles & the fueling infrastructure to support them. You cannot get rid of oil pipelines without getting rid of internal combustion engines.

We environmentalist types want to stop the use of oil for several good reasons: it will create Continue reading Paradoxical Petroleum Pipeline Protest Problem