RMP's Map of China Hydrogen Refueling Stations

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  • All North American H2 Infrastructure
    • Gas Station
      • Car / Light Duty Truck
      • Bus
      • Truck
      • Rail
      • Research Facility
      • University
      • Military
    • Production & Distribution
      • Production & Liquefaction
      • Production Gas
      • Transfill
      • Underground Storage / Other
      • Manufacturing

  • Los Angeles H2 Pipeline System
  • Gulf Coast H2 Pipeline System
  • Canadian Pacific Hydrail
  • San Bernardino Hydrail

KML Layers:
  • Dept of Transportation H2 Corridors Rounds 1&2
Map Legend

Planned Public Hydrogen Refueling Station

Open Public Hydrogen Refueling Station

Planned Private Hydrogen Bus Refueling Station

Open Private Hydrogen Bus Refueling Station

Planned Private Hydrogen Truck Refueling Station

Open Private Hydrogen Truck Refueling Station

Research Facility Hydrogen Refueling Station

University Hydrogen Refueling Station

Military Hydrogen Refueling Station

Production & Liquefaction



Other Hydrogen Refueling Station

Hydrogen Station Temporarily Unavailable

Rail Station

Fuel Cell Manufacturing

Blue polylines (like those below) represent Hydrogen Round 1 & Round 2 Alternative Fuel Corridors. Source: FHWA Office of Natural Environment, Sustainable Transport and Resilience Team.

This map of all North American hydrogen infrastructure is one of many environmental & geological survey maps made by respectmyplanet.org. More maps are in development, so keep checking back.

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