Who we are:

RMP is a Michigan based U.S. 501(c)3 non-profit environmental organization incorporated in 2013.  We work to safeguard our fresh water natural resources through educational outreach regarding fresh water remediation and fresh water impacts from all forms of energy production & industry. RMP advocates for the 'Hydrogen Economy' as a means of sustainable energy production and waste management. RMP curates maps of energy infrastructure both clean & dirty. RMP also curates maps of ground water remediation sites to monitor how our fresh water is being rehabilitated. Each location, polyline, & polygon on RMP's maps is hyperlinked to gigabytes of additional information & media added by volunteers.  Are you concerned about protecting fresh water too?  Contact us if you want to adopt a location on one of our maps.  You can help add media & helpful links to news articles about that location.  Don't have time to volunteer?  Please consider making a tax deductible donation if you want to help support our fresh water protection efforts.

Our Interactive Maps:

North America H2 Map

Over 100 H2 refueling locations, over 75 H2 production locations, and more.

Ann Arbor Dioxane 1,4 Map

Pollution plume map with prohibition zone, treatment wells, monitoring wells, extraction wells, and residential wells

Real Time H2 Refueling Map

Real time status map of California's public H2 refueling stations. Check the status before you go.


RMP's Research Articles:

Michael Liebreich's Hydrogen Ladder Debunked

RMP's most popular research article examines disingenuous motivations of Liebreich's hydrogen ladder.  RMP identifies inconsistencies, contradictions, and misinformation published by Liebreich.

Zero Emission Ammonia Production From Green Hydrogen

Learn how green ammonia can replace fossil fuel based ammonia for fertilizer.  Learn how green ammonia can also double as a high energy density storage medium.

The Truth About Blue Hydrogen

RMP reviews anti blue hydrogen libel published by long time H2 critics Mark Jacobson & Robert Horvath just 3 months after Air Products announces a $4.5B blue hydrogen plant investment in Louisiana.


RMP's Real Time H2 Refueling Status Pages:

Real Time Summary All California H2 Refueling Stations

Table showing current status of all 56 of California's public H2 refueling stations by region.  Check the status & inventory level of a station near you before heading out to refuel. 

Real Time Map All California H2 Refueling Stations

See a real time map of all California H2 refueling stations.  Color coded markers show station status as well as current inventory levels of H2.

California H2 Refueling Stations Coming Soon Map

Several H2 stations are under development throughout California.  This map shows the status of progress of all H2 stations coming soon.

Please Help Us Protect Our Freshwater

RMP got started in 2005 focused on teaching kids about recycling plastic.  Our focus quickly changed when the first high volume hydraulic fracturing wells started getting drilled throughout Michigan in 2008.  Over the next 5 years RMP's small group of unpaid volunteers became an environmental watchdog of the entire lower peninsula.  RMP tracked the oil companies as they drilled & fracked new formations using unprecedented amounts of Michigan's freshwater.  RMP was on a crash course learning about the oil industry and how this could happen under the guise of business as usual when HVHF was so enormously different than fracking a tiny little Antrim gas well that could be constructed with parts from your local Home Depot.  Learning more about oil production & petroleum geology became a journey of energy education we've been on for more than 10 years now.  RMP has been focused on learning about & tracking all forms of energy production to understand the potential risks to our freshwater.

RMP tracks energy investments and activity by "putting real infrastructure data the map".  We are focused on new hydrogen infrastructure construction projects that are being announced every week now.  RMP also maps H2 refueling infrastructure for Class 1 through Class 8 vehicles.  Our maps are curated around energy production infrastructure, energy distribution infrastructure, and lithium ion battery raw material & recycling infrastructure.  RMP's Michigan made software is coded with 100% free & open source languages like PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to keep costs low.  RMP's software is made with love, thoughtfulness, passion, & volunteered time.  But, server administration and human outreach are different; they are not free or low cost.  It takes over $200 a year to run a small server to serve our pages.  But if we want to reach a larger audience it can cost over $1000 per year to get that kind of reach.  RMP's been working diligently for well over 10 years writing environmentally specific software focused on water protection.  RMP's average revenue is under $100/year over our first 10 years of incorporation.  Our expenses have been over $3000 in the same 10 years.  That means this little non-profit does not have financial means to reach a larger audience, but we are now ready scale with your help.

If you dig deeper into our maps and database tables, you will find a wealth of curated data that makes it easier for the public to know where new clean energy infrastructure is being built as well as what threats to freshwater are all around them.  Just imagine what RMP could do if it had more financial resources to reach a wider audience.  Just think how our servers could be upgraded to help us to reach more people and students of all ages who want to learn more about how sustainable energy works.  RMP hopes to help drive smarter non-partisan policies that work to protect our freshwater.  That's RMP's mission:  to protect our freshwater natural resources.  Protecting freshwater is RMP's North Star governing every decision we make.  Because RMP is a U.S. registered 501(c)3 organization for over 10 years now, it means if you are generous enough to make a small and secure donation to our non-profit, it would be tax deductible to you or your organization on your federal tax return.  Please consider our accomplishments over our first 10 years with almost zero financial funding.  Just think what we could do over our next 10 years if we had your financial support.  Thank you for your consideration!  Now smash that donate button and feel great about your decision to give to a great cause & and get a nice tax deduction!  RMP's federal tax id# is 46-4123967