Welcome To RMP's Map Library

Check out RMP's many interactive maps of energy infrastructure & ground water remediation locations.  Read about the map, add information, or just check it out for yourself.

North American Hydrogen Infrastructure Map

Shows locations of hydrogen refueling stations, H2 production locations, fuel cell manufacturing locations, and more. 

Ann Arbor Dioxane 1,4 Plume Map

Map of Dioxane 1,4 contamination plume in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Shows groundwater prohibition zone, extraction wells, treatment wells, and residential water wells.

Real Time H2 Refueling Status California Map

Real time status & inventory of all California public H2 refueling locations.  RMP pings H2FCP.org's SOSS server every 15 minutes to keep data fresh.

California H2 Stations Coming Soon Map

Several H2 refueling stations are under different stages of development throughout California.  This map shows them & their current stat of progress.  Updated every 90 days.

Global LNG Import & Export Terminals Map

RMP was one of the first U.S. organization's to delve into LNG reporting when FERC approved Cheniere's 1st US export terminal in 2016.  This map shows every LNG terminal in the world's exact location.

The Getaway (Streets of London) Map

London streets, locations, and chases to every mission in Team Soho's PS2 classic 2002 video game The Getaway.  This is the first & only video game to ever use real geo mapped data.  This tribute map is 100% fun.