Real Time Hydrogren Station Status


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All data refreshes every 15 minutes. Number inside of marker represents kilograms of hydrogen inventory available now.

Map Legend

Online Hydrogen Refueling Station with current inventory of 500kg

Hydrogen Refueling Station with limited availability and current inventory of 75kg

Hydrogen Refueling Station that is either offline or closed with 225kg of inventory

Hydrogen Refueling Station that is being replenished with hydrogen inventory. The inventory should be back to capacity soon. Click on the station marker to go to the station's homepage to learn the station's hydrogen storage capacity & more.

Hydrogen Refueling Station broadcasting an "unknown" signal and is most likely down. Some statons that have come online but have gone down for extended periods of time will broadcast this signal. UC Irvine & Riverside are examples.

Blue polylines (like those below) represent Hydrogen Round 1 & Round 2 Alternative Fuel Corridors. Source: FHWA Office of Natural Environment, Sustainable Transport and Resilience Team.

This real-time status map of California's hydrogen refueling stations is made possible by's SOSS reporting system. This map is just one of many environmental & geological survey maps made by

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