RMP's Map of Hydrogen Fueling Stations USA & Canada


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Research Facility




Map Legend

Planned Public Hydrogen Refueling Station

Open Public Hydrogen Refueling Station

Planned Private Hydrogen Bus Refueling Station

Open Private Hydrogen Bus Refueling Station

Planned Private Hydrogen Truck Refueling Station

Research Facility Hydrogen Refueling Station

University Hydrogen Refueling Station

Military Hydrogen Refueling Station

Other Hydrogen Refueling Station

Hydrogen Station Temporarily Unavailable

The blue polylines on the map represent the new (May 22, 2020) data for Hydrogen Round 1 & Round 2 Alternative Fuel Corridors. Data Source: FHWA Office of Natural Environment, Sustainable Transport and Resilience Team.

Click on a polyline to see a "1" or "2" representing Round 1 or Round 2.

Keep checking back here as there are a ton of new features & location points coming soon. So exciting :)