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Michigan Oil & Gas Map Updated To Permit #61181 as of August 19, 2016

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Click on the button below to show all Michigan oil & gas wells that have caused ground water contamination according to the Michigan DNR's 1993 SAP list. Note that some ground water contamination locations have been fully remediated and some are in active remediation. Currently there are 206 confirmed cases where ground water was contaminated as a result of an oil or gas well. We know of more wells and expect this number to rise as our research continues but we only list wells where we can get confirmation from MDEQ documentation.

Click on the button below to show all Michigan oil & gas wells that have had spills causing soil or water contamination according to the Michigan DNR's 1993 SAP list. Note that some spills have been fully remediated and some are in active remediation. Be patient as this map can take up to 10 seconds to load because there are over 1,700 markers.

Click on the button below to show our demo map of spill locations. Through boots on the ground research, we are collecting data and documentation on spill locations and putting the resultant reports on the location homepages. Click any of the markers on the demo map and check out the report on the location's homepage. We detail information about the ground water contamination at each of the locations and support the report with documents from various MDEQ field offices throughout the state.

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USA Quarterly H2 Infrastructure Update 2018-Q1

H2 infrastructure is growing all across the USA and especially in California. New H2 stations are planned all across the East Coast too. RMP will now regularly be publishing a quarterly update of H2 infrastructure all across the USA to keep our readers informed of what’s going on. Check out our first ever USA H2 Infrastructure Quarterly Report and come back each quarter to get a fresh update. Click through to read our latest article.

2016 Michigan Hydrocarbon Production Results – Full Year

RMP publishes 2016 hydrocarbon production data. Check out this post to see how much oil, natural gas, and NGLs were produced in Michigan in 2016. We have charts, graphs, and numbers and three different top 10 lists.

December 2017 – USA Public H2 Fueling Station Update

RMP will be publishing regular updates of our public hydrogen infrastructure map and data starting with this very post. Want to know what’s new with H2 infrastructure? Want to see the exact location of every public & private FCEV fueling location in America? Click through to read this post and check out RMP’s map.

Debunking Dr. Bossel’s Anti-Hydrogen Thesis

In this post RMP debunks Dr. Ulf Bossel’s anti-hydrogen thesis that has been propagated for years and was even published as recent as October 26, 2017 by Electrek. Dr. Bossel’s thesis says that making hydrogen is wasteful but ironically terawatt hours of electricity are being curtailed or wasted because we are not using that energy to make hydrogen. Read this post if you want to learn why so much energy is being wasted that could be used to make clean green hydrogen.

Paradoxical Petroleum Pipeline Protest Problem

There’s a paradox related to oil pipeline protests: they will not stop nor even slow down the use of oil. Only ridding our society of internal combustion engines will end the use of oil. Internal combustion engines are the reason we have oil pipelines and getting rid of them is the only way to get rid of oil pipelines.

Michigan Oil & Gas Monthly – December 2016

RMP has been publishing the Michigan Oil & Gas Monthly for 24 months straight. This will be the last monthly publication of this magazine. We simply don’t have the funding to continue publishing a monthly magazine. If you’re a regular reader like so many thousands of other people across Michigan, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to our small Michigan based 501(c)3 organization to help us cover the costs of publishing. Thank you.

Michigan Oil & Gas Monthly – November 2016

When operators want to drill oil wells in densely populated areas, it creates controversy. That’s exactly what happened with the Word of Faith 16-27 well in Southfield, Michigan. Southfield, with a population of 75,000 people, has never had an oil well until now. After failed protests & failed attempts by the City of Southfield to stop the well, it’s been drilled and completed. The well is flow testing now and it looks like it’s going to be a long term producer. Read this post to learn more about what you can expect to see next at the Word of Faith oil well in Southfield and view recent pictures & video of the well from November of 2016.

Jordan Development’s Word of Faith 16-27 Niagaran Oil Well in Southfield, Michigan

It looks like Jordan Development’s Word Of Faith 16-27 Niagaran oil well is going to be a long term producer based on the flare stack shown in this post’s video. Check it out and stay tuned for RMP’s November MOGM where we will explain what Southfield resident’s can expect to happen at this location as Jordan Development puts in the necessary infrastructure to produce. The November MOGM will be published November 30, 2016 and we will have more pictures of the well along with our explanation of what will most likely happen next.

oil & gas production michigan

Michigan Oil & Gas Monthly – October 2016

In the October 2016 MOGM we look again at the issue of putting Antrim Shale Wells on a vacuum system. We look at the numbers, like always, and we end with some final thoughts on how the word “fracking” has ironically set back environmental protection.

2016 Michigan Hydrocarbon Production Results January – June

At this point in October of 2016, all the reporting through the first six months of 2016 is complete. RMP has again downloaded, parsed, and analyzed the Michigan hydrocarbon production data for the Michigan Basin. Click through to check out our reporting and graphical analysis of Michigan Basin production. This post’s cover photo was taken 10/21/2016 and is the brand new 700 MW Alpine Natural Gas Power Plant west of Gaylord. Photo Credit: Neo.

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