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Michigan Oil & Gas Map Updated To Permit #61181 as of August 19, 2016

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Click on the button below to show all Michigan oil & gas wells that have caused ground water contamination according to the Michigan DNR's 1993 SAP list. Note that some ground water contamination locations have been fully remediated and some are in active remediation. Currently there are 206 confirmed cases where ground water was contaminated as a result of an oil or gas well. We know of more wells and expect this number to rise as our research continues but we only list wells where we can get confirmation from MDEQ documentation.

Click on the button below to show all Michigan oil & gas wells that have had spills causing soil or water contamination according to the Michigan DNR's 1993 SAP list. Note that some spills have been fully remediated and some are in active remediation. Be patient as this map can take up to 10 seconds to load because there are over 1,700 markers.

Click on the button below to show our demo map of spill locations. Through boots on the ground research, we are collecting data and documentation on spill locations and putting the resultant reports on the location homepages. Click any of the markers on the demo map and check out the report on the location's homepage. We detail information about the ground water contamination at each of the locations and support the report with documents from various MDEQ field offices throughout the state.

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RMP’s quarterly H2 infrastructure report this Q is all about liquid hydrogen. How did Hurricane Zeta in New Orleans impact FCEV drivers in California? And why are LH2 supply disruptions less likely to occur again in California? How many FCEVs are really registered on California roads & in what counties? RMP has the scoop. Click through to read all about it. Happy New Year!

USA’s Public Retail Hydrogen History: A View from Late 2020

The new hydrogen stations opening in California are not like the ones from four years ago, they’re massive. These new stations have 1,200kgs of capacity & can be replenished in a couple of hours and keep on refueling. These new stations mark a step change in hydrogen refueling scale and represent a great time to look back on the USA’s history of retail public hydrogen refueling infrastructure. Check out RMP’s new post chronicling the history of hydrogen refueling infrastructure in California since the very first station all the way up to where we are today.


Each quarter, RMP reviews changes, updates, & data related to hydrogen infrastructure in the USA & Canada. Today’s publication for Q3-2020 is a real milestone in that California officially announced through GFO-19-602 the funding of over 123 new hydrogen fueling stations across the state. With approx 42 open now, the way has been paved for California to have more than 100 hydrogen stations open. All new stations will be required to dispense a minimum of 40% hydrogen made from renewable resources but some will most likely be 100% renewable. Click through to read about this momentous quarter. Thanks for reading!

Zero Emission Ammonia Production from Green Hydrogen

RMP’s new post about Zero Emission Ammonia Production from Green Hydrogen examines where we are in August 2020 with regard to scaling production of green hydrogen for green ammonia. Green Ammonia pilot projects are ongoing around the world but in this post, we examine why Australia is the world leader in green ammonia & how they have a big leg up on being an economic powerhouse down under.

Solving the Climate Crisis – Document Review

The Select Committee on the Climate Crisis recently published (June 2020) a massive (547 page) & comprehensive report called “Solving the Climate Crisis”.   The report was prepared by the Majority Committee Staff of the 116th US Congress pursuant to H.RES.6. RMP is a non-partisan organization and wanted to give a review of this report as …


RMP’s USA & CANADA QUARTERLY H2 INFRASTRUCTURE UPDATE 2020-Q2 tells the story of stations outside of California. While California is the epicenter of hydrogen infrastructure in North America, this quarter’s story is about the East Coast of the USA and Canada. We have evidence of several new Air Liquide stations on the East Coast as well as more stations in both western & eastern Canada. Click through to read RMP’s quarterly hydrogen infrastructure report.


100% Renewable Energy: Hydrogen Refueling -vs- Superchargers

It’s just past the 3 year anniversary of Elon Musk saying “All Superchargers are being converted to solar/battery power.  Over time, almost all will disconnect from the electricity grid.” Since the Tesla CEO’s tweet on 6/9/2017 there are still zero off-grid 100% renewable Tesla Superchargers. Even though there are fewer hydrogen stations than BEV charging points across the USA, 13 hydrogen refueling stations are 100% renewable and every station in California is at least 33% renewable. While RMP supports BEVs whole heartedly, in this post we examine how hydrogen has major advantages over battery charging when it comes to working economically with renewable energy, with scaling up, and with refueling speed. Check our our latest post as we compare hydrogen refueling to Tesla Supercharging.

RMP’s Map of Hydrogen Stations in USA & Canada Upgraded

RMP has been updating our map of all hydrogen stations in the USA & Canada. 6 Canadian locations have been added to the map. RMP’s map is now also connected to CAFCP’s SOSS updating system. Also, this post contains bonus pics of 5 new Air Liquide stations commissioning on the East Coast of the USA. Check it out yo.


RMPs USA & CANADA Quarterly H2 Infrastructure Report for Q1-2020 is off the press. The big story this Q is the new microgrid approval for Toyota’s Project Portal project. Also covered is the opening of the largest fast refueling h2 station in the USA at the Orange County Transit Authority located where MacArthur Blvd bisects the Santa Ana River in Southern Los Angelels. Another big refueling station opened in San Francisco too. Click through to read all about it.

USA’s First Hydrogen Passenger Rail – San Bernadino California

The Redlands Rail Project has commenced in California and soon will host the USA’s first hydrogen powered train. Not only that, Michigan State University played an important role in helping the San Bernadino County Transportation Authority decide on using hydrogen fuel cells. Click through to learn more about the first #hydrail project in America & see RMP’s new Google map of exactly where the new rail project will be located.

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