Interactive Ann Arbor Dioxane Plume Map Demo

Update 6/14/2019 – The map in this post has been updated as of June 14, 2019 to our “Generation 2” style map.  This is the first fully interactive map of the three Gelman Dioxane 1,4 plumes, all of available locations, and their corresponding data.  Check out our new map below 🙂   CLICK HERE to read the new post showcasing RMP’s new generation 2 map.  Keep reading to read our original map post.  Thanks!

End Update from 6/14/2019

This post demonstrates a simple overlay on a Google Map using JavaScript.  The map image is anchored by latitude and longitude points onto a Google Map canvass. is a Michigan based 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to water conservation and sustainable energy production.   RMP makes maps using the Google Maps API v3 which is completely free to use for non-profit organizations like ours.   That’s great that it’s free because RMP is unfunded and we could not do what we do without Google’s free API.   The map shown below is Continue reading “Interactive Ann Arbor Dioxane Plume Map Demo”

Wolverine Pipeline Maintenance At Holland West Middle School

wolverine pipeline

This post is a retraction of a post published by RMP last Sunday January 17, 2016.  RMP mistakenly posted a story about a gasoline spill at Holland West Middle School in Holland, Michigan.  There was no gasoline spill by Wolverine Pipeline at West Middle School.   The pictures RMP obtained of Terra Contracting Services remediating a petroleum sheen on surface waters on 12/31/2015 were not related to the excavation activity being performed by Wolverine Pipeline at West Middle School.  Half of the photos RMP published were of West Middle School and half the pictures RMP posted were a  different undetermined location.  RMP mistakenly connected the two sets of photos as at the same location.  Tom Shields from Wolverine Pipeline let RMP know the information that we published was erroneous and it was taken down immediately.   RMP regrets any false sense of alarm caused by the publication and wanted to immediately issue this retraction.

Here is the story of what has happened and where we are today with regard to Continue reading “Wolverine Pipeline Maintenance At Holland West Middle School”

The Back Forty – A Michigan Gold Mine

Aquila’s flagship Back Forty Project is a volcanogenic massive sulfide (VMS) deposit located along the mineral-rich Penokean Volcanic Belt in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  Valuable metals are deposited in the ore along the Menominee River which represents the state line between Michigan and Wisconsin. The Back Forty Project currently demonstrates a 16.1 million ton measured and indicated (M&I) resource containing close to 1 million ounces of gold and 1 billion pounds of zinc. The Back Forty Project sits on the banks of the Menominee River which drains to Lake Michigan via Green Bay just north of the eponymous city.  RMP has created an interactive Google Map of the Back Forty Gold Mine which is embedded at the bottom of this post if you’d like to go directly to the Google Map.  Or you can just click here to open RMP’s interactive Google Map of the BackForty goldmine in a new browser tab.

Aquila now owns 100% of the development-stage Back Forty Project that will delineate the zinc- and gold-rich VMS in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Over the past 10 years, Toronto based Aquila Resources and various joint venture partners, including Hudbay Minerals, have spent more than Continue reading “The Back Forty – A Michigan Gold Mine”