Energy 101 is a Michigan based 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to water conservation through sustainable energy development & improved waste management logistics.  RMP believes that in order to decarbonize our energy system we must work toward development of the Hydrogen Economy.

It is important to recognize hydrocarbons will be a part of our energy mix for years to come and will also occur naturally on earth in perpetuity.  While we must work toward adopting energy solutions that will not require subsurface fossil fuels, we must also mitigate the effects of those hydrocarbons which will continue to remain in use for years like:  coal, natural gas, and oil.  Many other naturally occurring hydrocarbons like human sewage, animal farm wastes, biowastes, and landfill wastes must also be managed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  All organic wastes are hydrocarbons and if we continue to treat those wastes with conventional methods, they will continue to threaten our ground water & atmosphere.   We must better manage our human wastes and the byproducts of our industrial processes.

Below is a listing of five of RMP’s “101” posts about different energy topics.  RMP analyzes energy in the Michigan Basin as well as other places around the world like China, Europe, and California where we track hydrogen refueling infrastructure.  RMP first started studying petroleum geology in Michigan when large oil companies came to Michigan in 2009 to begin a process called “fracking” using large volumes of Michigan fresh water coupled with horizontal well bores.  This new hydraulic fracturing technology was unknown and threatened our water.  The more RMP & our volunteers studied the process of large volume water withdrawals the more it became apparent how complex world energy consumption can be.  To help future generations migrate from a fossil fuel economy to a green hydrogen economy is the net result of this sabbatical pursuit and it has become RMP’s mission and purpose to share green energy knowledge with the world as a means to protect Michigan’s and the world’s fresh water.   Protecting our drinking water while still being able to make quadrillions of BTUs with no CO2 is what RMP hopes to educate the world about.

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# 1 – Michigan Petroleum Geology 101

# 2 – Michigan Petroleum Production 101

# 3 – Responsibly Migrating Away from Crude Oil 101

# 4 – Michigan Law 101 – How A Bill Becomes A Law

# 5 – Fuel Cells 101 – Learning The Basics