Energy 101 is a Michigan based 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to water conservation through sustainable energy development & improved waste management logistics.  RMP believes that in order to decarbonize our energy system we must work toward development of the Hydrogen Economy.

It is important to recognize hydrocarbons will be a part of our energy mix and also occur naturally on earth.  While we must work toward energy solutions without using hydrocarbons, we must also mitigate the effects of hydrocarbons being used now and also managing naturally occurring hydrocarbons like human sewage, animal farm wastes, biowastes, and landfill wastes.  All organic wastes are hydrocarbons and if we continue to treat those wastes with conventional methods, they just decompose to natural gas which goes to atmosphere and threatens our ground water.   We must better manage those wastes and capture them for use as fuel.

Below are a listing of RMP’s “101” posts about different energy topics.  Because we are a Michigan organization, we started off learning about hydrocarbon energy production and geology in the Great Lakes Basin.   Starting this year (in 2017), RMP is shifting focus to world energy topics such as the development of Hydrogen infrastructure and Liquified Natural Gas (#LNG).   Please check out our Energy 101 posts listed below and keep checking back as we add more.

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# 1 – Michigan Petroleum Geology 101

# 2 – Michigan Petroleum Production 101

# 3 – Responsibly Migrating Away from Crude Oil

# 4 – Coal Use Forecasted To Rise – How We Can Mitigate Coal Pollution

# 5 – Michigan Law 101 – How A Bill Becomes A Law

# 6 – Fuel Cells 101 – Learning The Basics