Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 – Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle

On October 3, 2016, the US Army (TARDEC division) and General Motors revealed the new Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 military vehicle powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cells. This vehicle is a beast that operates silently and can be powered by hydrogen fuel which can be made from water or sewage or just about anything. The soldiers driving this truck can literally drink the water emissions from the tailpipe. It’s time Michigan got off its derriere and starting building some H2 filling stations so folks like you and me can start driving these FCEV marvels of technology. Oil is obsolete.

Nationwide Legislator Lookup Tool – It’s So Easy To Use

Check out this post about our new Nationwide Legislator Lookup Tool. This new map feature is so easy and fast to use. You can look up the State & Federal legislators of any US location simply by right-clicking any location on the map. When you right-click, a marker will drop. Click that marker and you’ll instantly know the State & Federal legislators for that location. You’ll have their email addresses, phone numbers, and web pages at your disposal. This is our first nationwide mapping feature as we expand our horizons outside of Michigan to bring useful features all across America.