Michigan Oil & Gas Production Report January – June 2015

The first six months of hydrocarbon production in the Michigan Basin are ready for reporting. In this post we examine the top ten producers in the oil, natural gas, and NGL categories. We find in 2015 that wells originally drilled in completed in the 1970’s and 1980’s are outperforming so new wells after having been worked over and recompleted.

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Michigan Oil & Gas Monthly – July 2015

The big story in July of 2015 is the expiration of 8 HVHF permits to drill into the Ordivician Collingwood. These permits expiring is just the latest piece of evidence in a long line of recent indications that HVHF in Michigan using millions of gallons of water per frac is over. RMP has been covering high volume hydraulic fracturing in Michigan since it began and we have gathered a ton of data about it. We have financial data, drilling information, fracing data, photos, videos and more. Read this month’s MOGM to find out why we are forecasting HVHF in Michigan’s Collingwood formation is over.