Michigan Law 101 – How A Bill Becomes A Law

michigan legislature capitol

Understanding how a bill works its way through the Michigan legislature and becomes a law can be complicated if you don’t know where to start.  The process can be broken down, however, so it’s at least easier to understand the 101 basics. By the time you’ve finished reading this post you will know the fundamentals of how an idea becomes a Michigan Bill, how that bill works its way through Michigan’s legislature, and how that bill becomes a law. This post will also show you some web-based tools that can help you easily track a bill’s lifecycle and how to find a bill’s actual written text. It’s important to read the sponsored legislation verbatim rather than relying solely on another person’s opinion or cliff notes about the bill. RMP has done a couple “101” posts for subjects including Michigan Petroleum Geology 101 and Michigan Petroleum Production 101 in past posts and now it’s time for Continue reading “Michigan Law 101 – How A Bill Becomes A Law”

Nationwide Legislator Lookup Tool – It’s So Easy To Use

RMP is proud to announce a new software feature more powerful than any software we’ve ever released before!  Our new nationwide legislator lookup tool.   It’s powerful in and of itself just for what it does, but what makes it even better is how easy it is to use.  Just right-click anywhere on the map in the USA and map marker will drop.   Click on that marker and you’ll know the State & Federal legislators for that location.    You will have their names, webpages, phone numbers, & email addresses available to you instantly.    It couldn’t be any easier to know who represents you in your State legislature or in the US Congress and find out how to Continue reading “Nationwide Legislator Lookup Tool – It’s So Easy To Use”