Michigan Oil & Gas Monthly – December 2016

The lead story in RMP’s December 2016 Michigan Oil & Gas Monthly is the MDEQ’s Office of Oil, Gas & Minerals (OOGM) funding woes.  But first, it should be noted that the MDEQ announced plugging instructions for the Word of Faith 16-27 on December 19, 2016 which means the well does not look like it’s going to become a long term producer.  RMP predicted last month the possible potential of the well producing oil for years to come but this latest bit of news dashes that prediction for the well to be an oil producer.   RMP will file a Freedom of Information Act request for the initial production report to get the numbers as soon as they’re available.  The public must wait 90 days subsequent to the completion of testing before requesting information.  Now on to RMP’s lead story for December 2016…

RMP follows Michigan’s budget & legislative process very closely to understand where your tax dollars are going and why. RMP’s research philosophy is the same with energy as it is with everything else: follow the money.

The OOGM’s funding has taken a big hit in the past two years with the decline of oil & gas prices.  The OOGM’s funding is a function of oil & gas sold to market in Michigan.  We have seen entire countries whose funding is singularly tied to oil & gas production take massive Continue reading “Michigan Oil & Gas Monthly – December 2016”