Redlands Passenger Rail Project Update – America’s 1st Hydrail >90% Complete

Construction on the 9-mile Arrow corridor almost 90% complete and bridge construction almost 100% complete.  Crews continue working on setting the rail along the corridor; installing signals including cabling at the grade crossings; paving and reconstructing curbs, gutter, and sidewalks; installing perimeter fencing along the corridor where needed; completing the installation of underground utilities and drainage systems; and preparing for train testing.

Construction workers pour concrete at the Waterman Avenue crossing of the upcoming hydrogen passenger rail project in San Bernadino, California.
The Arrow is scheduled to begin service in spring 2022 and will run between the San Bernardino Transit Center located at Rialto Avenue and E Street in Downtown San Bernardino adjacent to San Manuel Stadium and will terminate at the University of Redlands. The regional rail service will integrate with other modes of transportation such as cars, buses, and bicycles and will offer residents, businesses, and visitors a new option for live, work, and play.
Crews install a drainage system at the Mill Street crossing of America’s first hydrogen powered rail project in San Bernadino, California.   The project is over 90% complete according to information published by San Bernadino County Transportation Authority.

RMP published a detailed post explaining every aspect of this hydrogen rail project on February 2, 2020 (just over 1 year ago).   You can read that post by clicking here to learn more details about the project.

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